Communication platforms and strategies have to adapt to change, which makes communication profiles key to the transformation process.


Head of Communications

Responsible for designing the communication strategy of the brand/company at its different levels and objectives. Knowledge of how to transmit the culture and values of the organization both outside and within the company is essential. Another key responsibility is to look after the corporate image; developing action plans for crisis management with the ability to respond rapidly and effectively.


  • Excellent communication skills
  • In-depth knowledge of the company and its values
  • Crisis management
  • Resolute
Community Manager

Responsible for carrying out the strategy that the Social Media Manager has designed. Manages the communities, giving them dynamism through listening and content management. In-depth knowledge of the market the company belongs to and constant monitoring of the actions carried out by the competition are essential.


  • Creativity
  • Good command of design tools (Photoshop, Canva)
  • Ability to manage Paid Media platforms: Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Twitter Ads
  • Analytical ability to prepare reports and conclusions
  • Ability to resolve online conflicts using proficient written communication
Content Manager

Responsible for defining and planning the content strategy: website, social networks, emailing, blog, etc. with an eye on SEO optimization.


  • General knowledge of digital marketing
  • Up to date on industry trends
  • Strategic vision
Creative Director

Responsible for defining the creative line, either within the company or from an agency, and adapting it to each client while supervising the creative team. May also help develop creative products for an advertising campaign based on the marketing plan.


  • Able to conceptualize ideas, assign projects to subordinates and verify that deadlines are met
  • Must be aligned with the company’s overall strategy
  • Manage assigned budgets for each campaign


Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, QuarkXpress, PowerPoint

Social Media Manager

In charge of designing the brand’s strategic communication plan for social networks; deciding which ones to be present on, what content to develop and the communication style. The Social Media Manager plans the campaigns and objectives, designs the crisis management plan and establishes what the most complete KPIs are.


  • Capacity for online information analysis
  • Command of social networks and management tools/li>
  • Up to date on industry trends
Talent Management

Talent Management is a combination of duties; managing the professional needs of talent so that they gain more recognition while also focusing on YouTube channel optimisation, video positioning, rights management and monetisation on this platform and other social networks.


  • Extensive knowledge of Social Networks
  • Ability to recruit influencers
  • Excellent command of Social Network management tools