As companies commit themselves to utilising omnichannel, digital marketing and Big Data, there is an increase in the demand for positions such as: Omnichannel Director, CRO, Chief Data Officer and Data Scientist.

Digitization has revolutionised human resources departments. With new technologies being integrated into company activities, manual tasks have been automated, processes have modernised, and new profiles have been created that need to be adopted by companies, should they wish to remain competitive.

Although each business has developed its own systems and tools, new jobs have emerged that adapt to any sector. However, the high technological knowledge required for these roles makes these profiles difficult to find in the labour market.

What are the digital profiles we’ll be talking about in coming years?

  • Blockchain Architect: although blockchain technology was born out of the financial sector, its applications in artificial intelligence systems have given rise to this new profession. The role is highly sought after by digital companies whose activity has a high algorithmic component. Blockchain Architects have extensive knowledge in blockchains and are responsible for verifying processes and ensuring they operate safely.
  • Growth hacker: their analytical, creative and social listening skills make Growth Hackers ideal for digital marketing departments. They are dedicated to collecting data, analysing it and drawing conclusions so that they can then implement creative strategies in order to improve the positioning of a product or service against the competition. Knowledge of SEO and web analytics are key in their activity.
  • Cibersecurity Manager: the lack of data protection can become a real headache for companies that operate online in any capacity. It’s becoming increasingly common for companies to integrate a team dedicated exclusively to data protection, and this specialized profile is responsible for directing and coordinating all required actions to achieve it.
  • Scrum Master: this role centres on mentoring a team until they reach the “final sprint” phase. This is a key profile, especially when it comes to project presentations, as a Scrum Master can act as a moderator by guiding the speakers to prevent them getting stuck during their pitches.

Omnichannel, digital marketing and big data: the key areas

Combining both the physical marketplace and online commerce has generated new sales strategies based on omnichannel. To develop this strategy effectively, coordination between departments is essential, which is the main objective of an Omnichannel Director: a profession which is increasingly in demand.

The ability to analyse a company’s web presence is another of today’s highest-valued skills. Therefore, CRO experts have become a digital marketing department’s most precious asset. Although they maintain a close relationship with UX and SEO professionals, their work is essential in optimising web pages and thus obtaining the maximum possible conversion rate.

Furthermore, the race for data does not stop. The hiring of professionals with extensive knowledge in big data has become an obsession for companies that want to make information a competitive advantage. Specifically, Chief Data Officer and Data Scientist are the two professions in this area which human resources departments fight over the most.

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