Innovation is a fundamental pillar in the process of transforming companies which is why profiles in innovation are in increasing demand.


An Open Innovation Manager’s role is to identify startups that can add value to the organization and provide them with resources to make them grow or integrate them within their company. They should encourage new ideas within the organization.

This profile also encourages the team to seek out and share improvements to current processes and innovation opportunities then converts them into projects that materialize into internal and external products or services.


  • Curiosity
  • Optimization of processes
  • Strategic vision

Collaborates with the members of the team to identify business requirements, support the development of strategic product plans and ensure the balance between the main technological roles to manage, define, test and carry out innovative solutions.


  • Team management
  • Strategic vision

Responsible for identifying internal and external customer needs and proposing technological solutions that respond to them. It is a very disruptive profile which is responsible for allocating resources and configuring equipment to apply the best technology to the company’s long-term innovation goals. Also responsible for process management and supervision of ongoing projects.


  • Team management
  • Stay up to date on innovation trends
  • Transmit and spread innovation throughout the company

Responsible for aligning with the ideas and taking care of innovation management’s strategic path. Sets the foundation for the development of the strategy and makes projections towards the future of the search fields as part of the corporate forecast.

Manages open innovation and creates rules to establish partnerships with other stakeholders. Also responsible for evaluating whether an innovation project is worthy of financing, and its management.


  • Experience in digital business development, innovation or digital transformation positions
  • Knowledge and experience of partnership models under the culture of open innovation
  • Knowledge of Design Thinking, agile and lean methodologies.
  • Changemaker: able to influence the team to develop creative solutions, always looking for the best result

Manages, supports and is essentially a part of the innovation process; providing support at all stages.

Participates in the evaluation and identification process of innovation projects and proposals, while analysing the feasibility of the proposals (technically and functionally).


  • Technical experience in digital business, innovation and digital transformation.
  • Knowledge of Design Thinking, agile and lean methodologies.

In charge of identifying investment opportunities and monitoring the fund while actively participating in deciding which companies to invest in and how much of the funds to allocate. A Venture Capital Analyst also manages the capital invested by managing the portfolios and offers knowledge and business experience in order to come up with and establish the exit plan.


  • Detail-oriented analytics
  • Financial profile
  • Experience with cash flow modelling and investment appraisal techniques
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

Plays a fundamental role in the transformation of the company, fostering a more collaborative environment between the different departments from the level of work methodologies.

Must ensure that change initiatives meet the objectives on time and within budget while encouraging employees to adopt and use them. This person will focus on business processes, systems and technology, work roles and organizational structures.


  • Project management
  • Financial knowledge
  • Experience in talent management

In charge of designing and managing intrapreneurship programs within the company, organizing the ideas obtained and developing the projects. Also responsible for creating and maintaining an innovation culture throughout all levels of the organization.


  • Innovation oriented
  • Analysis of new trends and technologies
  • Project management skills with knowledge of specific methodologies
  • Communication and teamwork skills

Responsible for identifying large organizations that are strategically well-positioned to accelerate the company’s growth. This role develops strong and mutually beneficial relationships with companies that have strategically compatible areas of expertise. Through the planning of large-scale business development initiatives and collaboration with the executive team, this manager builds and maintains a flow of relationships with potential partners. The evaluation of the financial and non-financial benefits and risks of the new associations is key.


  • Experience leading projects and closing agreements
  • Ability to identify and build relationships with key stakeholders in strategically positioned companies to accelerate growth
  • Exceptional understanding of organizational structures, priorities and areas of expertise
  • Possess a wide range of business contacts with the ability to take advantage of those contacts to facilitate partnership opportunities

Responsible for everything related to investment in startups and Venture Capital, monitoring, drawing up of exit plans, etc. Promotes mentoring, both in the business and social economy field; explores startups to mentor and scale up, analyses investment opportunities and generates relationships with contacts that may be important for the company’s growth.


  • Ecosystem knowledge and market trends
  • Analytical skills
  • Open and sociable character
  • Entrepreneurial spirit

Responsible for the appraisal of startups: analysing the value proposition and the associated hypothesis, carrying out the economic and technical assessment and analysing its evolution. Participates in acceleration programs and makes forecasts for the future market.


  • Experience in the area of Business Development or Strategy
  • Ideally have founded 1/2 startups (failures being valid and valuable)
  • Solid financial knowledge
  • Familiar with startups and new technologies / IT
  • Familiar with modelling and appraisal of companies

In charge of leading the acceleration program, understanding their needs, monitoring their progress and making sure they have access to the resources needed to drive transformative growth. Works with entrepreneurs to understand the needs of each startup and thus be able to determine action plans. Also, in charge of generating a culture of collaboration and excellence within the program.


  • Knowledge in Design Thinking, agile and lean methodologies
  • Strong project management skills