In recent years, new marketing profiles have emerged that are focused on the digital world. We tell you which ones they are, their functions and skills.


Acquisition Specialist

In charge of increasing the number of users/customers through paid traffic channels such as Google Ads or Paid Social using tools such as email marketing while optimising CPL (Cost Per Lead).


  • Multidisciplinary
  • Analytical
Affiliate Marketing Manager

Responsible for the design and management of the company’s affiliate network and affiliate programs (company reward system for those clients who bring traffic or generate sales).

An Affiliate Marketing Manager develops programs that recruit and support new affiliates; monitors compliance with the procedures and evaluates the return on investment.


  • Knowledge of SEO
  • Ability to collect and analyse data
  • Have a good command of marketing and promotion strategies
Account Executive

In charge of maintaining direct contact with agencies; conducting continuous market research; leading processes aimed at building strategic relationships and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Must proactively ensure that agencies are always up to date with the latest developments.


  • Proactive
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Business vision
CRO Conversion Optimiser

In charge of optimising the operation of a website to increase the number of conversions through the monitoring of information and data analysis; developing a series of hypotheses and implementing site tests to improve activity.

CROs create user acquisition strategies through marketing and Search Engine Optimisation and implement analytics to track their KPIs.


  • Data collection tools
  • Information analysis
  • Website management software
CRM - Email Marketing

The customer is at the heart of everything carried out by the CRM, who manages all input and output data through different platforms and software that are integrated with the company’s marketing and management systems.


  • Use of database management tools
  • Ability to segment customers
  • Excellent command of email marketing
  • Planning skills
Digital Marketing Manager

Responsible for designing and carrying out the company’s digital marketing plan as well as establishing the KPIs to analyse whether the correct results are being achieved.


  • Analytical with knowledge of statistics
  • Ability to generate creative ideas
  • Good communication skills
Digital Project Manager

Responsible for setting up, advancing or maintaining the digital business area with the development of new digital products.


  • Knowledge of marketing
  • High capacity for project management and planning
  • Knowledge of new methodologies
  • Great commitment to quality and deadlines
  • Decisive
Digital Strategist

Responsible for managing the development of solutions that achieve the brand’s objectives through a digital plan that engages, captures and retains the consumer.


  • Knowledge of different digital disciplines (branding, performance, loyalty)
  • Multidisciplinary team management and leadership capacity
Head of Analytics

Through analysing the data obtained from the different digital assets, the Head of Analytics is responsible for incorporating that insight gained from current and potential customers. A comprehensive vision of all the channels allows for the making of decisions and optimisation of strategies through the data.


  • High command of data analysis and management tools
  • Communication and presale capacity
  • Client and team management skills
Head of Performance

Responsible for optimising advertising campaigns and defining the channel strategy. The Head of Performance also draws up the capture and online sales strategy through the different digital channels and is an expert in real-time analysis and customer journey.


  • Online activity planning
  • Efficient budget management for online marketing
  • Data monitoring software
Head of Programmatic

Responsible for developing and implementing programmatic advertising strategies in addition to establishing and monitoring the strategy and profitability KPIs. Always aligned with the company’s general objectives, this position reports results to the CMO and CEO.


  • Strategy development
  • Analytical capacity
  • Strategic vision
Growth Hacker

In charge of collecting and analysing data to then implement creative strategies and position a product or service ahead of the competition. A Growth Hacker’s mission is to take advantage of market trends – analysing social responses through networks – to really get the most out of brand communication.


  • Brand monitoring tools
  • High command of RSS management software
  • Perform A/B testing
  • Knowledge of Inbound Marketing
Paid Media Manager

Responsible for planning, implementing and optimising Paid Social strategies (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google AdWords, Display, etc.) and other payment channels. Also, in charge of preparing commercial proposals and campaign reports for clients.


  • Team management
  • Definition of KPIs and analytics
  • Budget control
  • Customer orientation and strategic vision
Performance Director

Responsible for the planning and tactical strategy of each project with the direct purpose of achieving results. Focused on the achievement of objectives, you must have extensive knowledge of different platforms to direct campaigns in a creative and efficient way.


  • Strategic and tactical vision
  • Analytical capacity
  • Command of performance tools
UI Manager

Responsible for the user interface, with the task of conceptualising functional solutions and proposing improvements based on business objectives.


  • Knowledge of concept models, sitemaps, user flows, etc.
  • Wireframe and mockups design
UX Manager

Responsible for user experience with the product, which means the use, accessibility and feeling that is generated during the interaction. The UX manager is also responsible for designing the flow of the customer journey to optimize the user experience.


  • Knowledge of KPI indicators
  • High command of web management software
  • Data monitoring software
  • Able to handle analysis tools
RTB Manager

Responsible for optimizing recruitment campaigns, reducing costs and increasing the number of conversions through programmatic purchase programs and analysis of the customer profile.

RTB stands for Real Time Bidding, a buyer modality encompassed within the online marketing discipline called programmatic, based on the programming and management of technological tools to get the audience to purchase.


  • Ability to manage recruitment campaigns
  • Command of RTB platforms
  • SEM knowledge
SEM Manager

Responsible for defining, implementing and optimizing paid advertising campaigns where the objective is to direct traffic to a web page with the aim of converting the leads into customers.


  • Ability to analyse keywords
  • Command of advertising software
  • Manage the development of landing pages
  • Knowledge of data analysis
SEO Manager

A SEO Manager’s main objective is for the web page to appear in the highest possible ranking on the search engines, to improve the ROI.


  • Creative, with knowledge of UX
  • Keyword analysis
  • Extensive knowledge of web algorithms
  • Web development skills

In charge of the monitoring, management and analysis of the traffic that a website receives, with the aim of attracting qualified traffic to obtain certain results in line with the company’s overall strategy.


  • Knowledge of web design
  • High command of web analytics tools
  • Web development software
  • Knowledge of SEO and RTB
Web Developer & Graphic Designer

Responsible for visually defining the profile of a company and transmitting ideas, concepts or situations through creative designs. Through the definition of the graphic line and the visual style, the image of the company becomes uniform and consistent across all media.


  • Ability to develop creative ideas
  • High command of image and video tools (Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • Ability to interpret concepts and transform them into designs
  • Extensive knowledge of Apps and Webpage design