The application of new agile methodologies to work processes is a fundamental factor for change.


Agile Coach

Responsible for implementing agile processes in work teams within organisations. Must know the different methodologies and their application to the business world in depth.


  • Empathetic
  • People Management
  • Up to date on technological trends
Head of Agile

Responsible for catalysing Agile practices, methodology and philosophy in organisations. Technological background and experience in managing large architectural and technological development projects are required.


  • Agile and DevOps knowledge
  • Team management and great communication skills
  • Proactive
Service Design Lead

In charge of leading the creation of new, totally or partially digital solutions, as well as redefining the business so as to generate an ideal experience for the service consumer.


  • Behavioral economics
  • Knowledge of consumer psychology & behaviour
  • Digital Marketing
  • General understanding of UX and design
Scrum Master

In charge of accompanying a team throughout the development of a project. Responsible for ensuring that best practices are followed and acting as a facilitator and problem solver.


  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to manage and motivate teams
  • Negotiation skills
Open Innovation Manager

Responsible for developing new products, services and processes based on innovation, with the support of external innovation service providers (freelancers, startups, agencies). They are also responsible for creating innovation spaces, supporting senior management and instilling innovation in the company.


  • Up to date on innovation trends
  • Communication between teams
  • Familiar with innovation disclosure
Head of Strategy and Business Design

A key profile in the structuring of the company in terms of business, processes and business information. Has the ability to visualize and create high-level models that can be used in future analyses to expand and mature business architecture.


  • Strategic vision
  • Analytical skills