In times of digital transformation, the evolution of sales and channel profiles has meant the emergence of new profiles such as the “User Acquisition Manager” or the evolution of existing profiles like the “Sales Manager”.


Responsible for extracting the maximum possible information from potential and existing customers in order to optimize conversions both at the initial phase and, above all, when it comes to loyalty and retention. The ultimate goal is to have extensive knowledge of customers to design custom strategies that maximize conversions.


  • Extensive knowledge of data analysis
  • Performance experience
  • Business vision

In charge of the business development of a company from the digital point of view. Working from the sales plan, you should know how to identify opportunities, navigate the sales cycle, build relationships with customers and close profitable deals.


  • Market orientation

  • Communication skills

Responsible for ecommerce and the conversion of traffic upon entering the website, while obtaining the best possible ROI. This profile manages the online store and can be oriented to both B2B and B2C. Having an omnichannel view of the business is key, as is extensive knowledge of the sector and the various suppliers that can be utilised to optimize the profitability of the products. On occasion, the person who occupies this position will participate in the entire conversion funnel strategy (from traffic acquisition to conversion and loyalty).


  • Knowledge of technology and logistics
  • Web analysis capabilities
  • SEM knowledge
  • High command of emailing software

Responsible for increasing the level of customer satisfaction to generate greater profit for the company. The Head of Customer Experience defines customer profiles and integrates technology that improves communication and customer experience.


  • Empathy
  • Universal and strategic vision
  • Up to date with trends in innovation

Responsible for managing digital marketing activities that are carried out on mobile devices. Performs market analyses to identify trends or behaviours that may be key to the customer.


  • Knowledge of ASO (App Store Optimization), the equivalent of SEO on mobile
  • High command of mobile applied software
  • Mobile search engine optimization

In charge of attracting new clients and making them part of the portfolio. Through fluid communication, they can detect client needs and send tailor-made proposals while monitoring each conversion.


  • Business skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Organization and attention to detail

Responsible for the correct interdepartmental coordination in the deployment of new marketing strategies. The combination of brick-and-mortar and online sales has brought about the need to include this profile in the company’s organisation chart. The ultimate goal is to define a common strategy for the different channels, always aimed at maximizing sales.


  • Experience online/offline
  • Team coordination

Responsible for building the user base by designing the strategy and managing the optimization of the acquisition campaigns. Solid knowledge of user behaviour is necessary to capture, activate and retain. This profile collaborates directly with the marketing, design, and analytics department.


  • Analytics
  • Design and marketing knowledge
  • Up to date on digital trends