Technology is a key factor in digital transformation, so the demand for expert profiles in this area has exponential growth and new positions are continuously emerging.



Head of Big Data

Dedicated to the development of the company’s data management strategy and creating platforms so that it can be properly managed.


  • Spark, Hadoop, Hbase, Hive or R
  • Collaborative work capacity
  • Likes facing new challenges
Big Data Architect

Responsible for the analysis, management and interpretation of a large amount of data that provide very valuable information about customers: their preferences, actions and opinions about the brand. Creates improved statistics and algorithms that optimise the competitiveness of the company.

Main objective: convert large volumes of data into understandable structures that facilitate decision making.


  • Extensive programming knowledge
  • High command of monitoring tools
  • Ability to analyse large amounts of data
  • Knowledge of statistics and mathematics
Big Data Developer

Responsible for developing solutions designed by Big Data architects. A Big Data Developer is an expert in database technologies who knows different programming languages and has broad vision when it comes to providing solutions.


  • Knowledge of programming languages
  • Database Technologies


Data Manager

Responsible for managing the data in a company; making sure it’s efficient and effective to use, and that the use of all the information is correct. Also responsible for ensuring that the integration of data in all processes is effective.


  • Analytical and communication skills
  • Team Management and Leadership
  • Advanced IT knowledge
Data Architect

In charge of the technical design of solutions, with the objective of analysing and extracting data to be able to create models that allow for improvements in the business.


  • Database knowledge: SQL, PostrgreeSQL, PL/SQL, R and Python
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Relationship and teamwork skills
Data Scientist

Person in charge of extracting, cleaning, processing, designing and visualizing the data in order to define predictive models.


  • High level of programming
  • Design knowledge
  • Use of relational databases
  • Project Management
Data Analyst

In charge of getting the most out of the data gleaned from analytical tools. Must have experience in managing web tools, campaign optimizations and attribution analysis.


  • Analytical profile
  • Digital Marketing knowledge
Phyton Developer

Designs and develops data tools primarily using R technology. This profile also controls both SQL and non-SQL databases.


  •       Spark environments
  •       Pivot tables, algorithms, dashboard
Data Protection Officer

Working in the Cybersecurity area, a Data Protection Officer has a legal and regulatory compliance profile. According to the new European Data Protection regulations, this profile will be required in Administration and in certain private companies.


  • Good communication skills for the dissemination of data protection within the organization
  • Advisory skills


Middleware Architect

Extensive experience with Java technology stack and knowledge of Spring Boot is required for this position, which would develop in a Microservices environment, as is an intermediate-high level with JUnit.


  • Docker deployment knowledge about Openshift and Kubernetes
  • Experience with MQSeries queues
Systems Architect

Responsible for developing and implementing computer systems and networks. Organises the entire set of systems and knows the capacity of each and every one of them.


  • Team coordination

In charge of designing, implementing and maintaining the DevOps methodology (combination of Development and Operations): a software development methodology that focuses on communication and collaboration between software developers and IT professionals. The DevOps Engineer’s objective is to ensure greater agility and continuous integration of developments.


  • Knowledge of Cloud technologies such as, AWS, Azure, etc.
Security Engineer

Responsible for defining methods to design and produce secure systems against possible malicious acts or errors of various types. This profile has a holistic view of the organisation.


  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Good communication skills
  • Critical and innovative thinking
  • Active listening
IoT Engineer

Responsible for designing systems that allow for the interrelation between devices (machines, objects, people). Evolution of M2M (Machine-To-Machine).


  • Highly disruptive and innovative profiles
  • Extensive knowledge in telecommunications
IT Manager

While implementing IT throughout the company, an IT manager searches for strategic opportunities with the aim of optimizing services in flexible work environments.


  • Team coordination
  • Bargaining power
  • Up to date on technological trends

In charge of maintaining the DevOps methodology (combination of Development and Operations) with the objective of ensuring the correct integration and deployment of systems and their automation. Highly focused on integration, automation and system deployments.


  • Knowledge of technologies such as Jenkins, Docker (Kubernetes), Ansible, Openshift, etc.


Security Auditor

In charge of security measures and control of computer systems, so that they comply with data protection regulations, such as the new Spanish Data Protection Act in Spain (LOPD).


  • Analytical skills
  • Active listening
  • Bargaining power
Blockchain Architect

Responsible for defining the architecture, design and implementation of Blockchain environments.


  • Experience in programming languages (Java, Go, C, C ++, Nodejs)
  • Experience in security mechanisms: OAUTH, basicAuth, OpenId, etc.
  • Knowledge of the NoSQL database
Blockchain Developer

Responsible for the complete life cycles of blockchain applications from research and analysis to design and execution. A Blockchain Developer uses several programming languages to create interfaces, features and architecture for different purposes such as payment processing.


  • Experience in programming languages (Java, Go, C, C ++, Nodejs)
  • Experience in security mechanisms: OAUTH, basicAuth, OpenId, etc.
  • Knowledge of the NoSQL database
Ethical Hacker

An Ethical Hacker tests company security system to analyse the risks they face and thus prevent attacks. Has to be up to date on the techniques used by cybercriminals.


  • In-depth knowledge of platforms such as Windows, Linux, Unix, etc
Head of Cibersecurity

In charge of the privacy and data protection of companies and organizations so that they are in a better position to deal with cyber-attacks. Also responsible for implementing Information Security Management Systems (SGSIS) such as firewall management, antivirus for operating systems, etc.


  • Excellent command of data management software
  • Extensive knowledge of information protection
  • Programming knowledge
  • Ability to analyse malware


Business Intelligence Analyst

Responsible for analysing the data extracted from different sources to ensure that the information is relevant and meets the needs of the company. Responsible for guaranteeing the quality of the analytical information gleaned from BI and reporting platforms.


  • High knowledge of databases, BI tools and analytical skills
  • Experience in analysis, design and construction of DWH data models and ETL processes; monitoring the quality and integration of the data
Business Intelligence Consultant

Responsible for understanding and analysing an organisation’s business context and processes before transforming the data (internal and external) into information, with the objective of improving the organization’s decision-making in an effective and successful way. A Business Intelligence Consultant constructs data models and develops dashboards to assist the organisation in decision-making.


  • Business process analysis and detection of information needs
  • High knowledge of reporting tools
  • Customer orientation, flexibility and ability to adapt their behaviour/communication depending on the context
Business Intelligence Developer

In charge of developing robust and reliable Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes to the data warehouse.


  • Ability to develop and construct data warehouses in line with customer needs
  • Experience in incident resolution and attention to maintenance requests, improvements and extensions
  • Solid knowledge of BI tools, programming languages and databases
Business Intelligence Manager

Responsible for processing, reporting and analysing the historical information from the company data.


  • Knowledge of analyst / programmer tasks
  • Database Administration
  • Cybersecurity knowledge


Mobile App Developer

Responsible for developing mobile applications; designing the products in line with the specifications, and adapting them to different devices, testing that they work optimally.


  • Excellent command of mobile device software
  • Extensive knowledge of usability
  • Ability to generate creative ideas
Mobile Manager

In charge of the mobile application development team to optimize time and budget.


  • Team management
  • Agile methodologies
  • Technological knowledge
iOS Architect

This professional knows how to handle the native app development environment on iOS and knows the internal components. Above all, an iOS Architect is an expert who understands the capabilities and limitations of iOS environment apps.


  • iOS environment expert
  • Up to date on the latest about the environment
Android Architect

This professional works efficiently within the native app development environment on Android and knows how to design both its interfaces and internal components. An Android Architect is an expert on this operating system and advises on application development.


  • Android environment expert
  • Up to date on news and trends in the environment
iOS Developer

An iOS developer designs and implements iOS operating system applications using Objective-C and Swift languages. This professional should use best practices within this development environment to bring out advanced applications.


  • In-depth knowledge of the iOS environment
  • Knowledge of programming languages
Android Developer

This professional knows how to turn ideas and needs into efficient and useful applications on the Android operating system. Given the diverse nature of Android, an Android developer should know the compatibility of its solutions on different versions of the operating system.


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Clear orientation towards teamwork
  • Capacity for innovation and adaptability to new market trends
  • Knowledge of technologies based on Kotlin, PHP, HTML and Java



Responsible for creating or selecting the high-level design structure of a software system. There are different types: technical, functional and corporate. An architect defines their vision of the application, gives technical support to developers, defines the specifications of the interfaces and validates the architecture.

Backend Developer

Responsible for programming dynamic components, that is; forms, databases, etc.

You must have knowledge, among others, of:

  • NodeJS environment
  • SQL databases (MySQL)
  • Documentary databases (MongoDB)
  • Javascript
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML5, jQuery, CSS, AJAX, JSON
  • AngularJS
  • Python, Ruby


  • Enterprising personality and ability to work on a team
Digital Project Manager

Person in charge of designing digital projects and developing different online products such as emailing, apps, e-commerce, etc. at a technical level.


  • Coordination of internal teams
  • Meet deadlines
  • Quality commitment
Frontend Developer

A software developer whose main function is the coding or translation of visual interfaces under the supervision of an analyst. Deals with the external components of the website or the app. Knows programming languages and tools that facilitate the construction of programs and code the necessary programming based on the design specifications developed by functional analysts and programmer analysts. Some of those tools are JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Jquery and Angular.


  • Know the software solutions and technical tools of the projects from the website or app point of view
  • Understand the usability and readability of web pages or applications and know their design and structure principles
  • Develop and make adaptations using the most appropriate technological tools or components
Fullstack Developer

Responsible for projects from server assembly to design with CSS. A technical profile with knowledge of both the back-end and the front-end.


  • Knowledge of server and systems architecture
IT Project Manager

Responsible for the management of IT projects from start to finish, including decision making, conflict resolution, team management, KPIs, deadlines, etc.


  • Team management
  • Analytical capacity
  • Work under pressure

A Project Management Officer coordinates the management of projects with the aim of optimizing teams, technologies and communication; ensuring that the company’s standards are met throughout the entire project.


  • Financial knowledge
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership and team management
Web Developer

In charge of managing the programming, design and development of web applications. Creates and manages databases linked to the website and implements the necessary actions that guarantee cohesion and coherence of the brand with the product.


  • Programming knowledge
  • Command of HTML5
  • Ability to analyze database information
  • Manage web content management tools
Web Master

Responsible for managing the development of website programming and maintenance through the administration and control of servers, databases and content managers.

Must ensure the proper functioning of servers, hardware and software elements.


  • Extensive knowledge of W3C
  • Excellent command of internet protocols and programming languages
  • Ability to manipulate digital images
  • Command of web server settings


Business Product Lead

Responsible for new products within the area of business development. The work of the Business Product Lead is key to organizing multifunctional teams and managing their projects.


  • Strategic vision
  • Leadership
  • Team management
Cloud Manager

Responsible for the infrastructure and operation of systems and applications managed in the cloud. The Cloud Manager uses strategies such as quality control; security auditing and the development of emergency plans – in the case of data loss – to monitor cloud-based solutions.


  • Crisis management
  • Systems knowledge
IT Business Partner

This professional serves as a strategic link between the business units and the functional area to develop the technology strategy; search for solutions and management of services, risks and relationships. The IT Business Partner is the important managerial link in terms of business and IT issues.


  • Strategic vision
  • Communication between teams
Open Innovation Manager

Responsible for identifying business needs and looking for partners that can design solutions. Capable of engaging disruptive models in traditional companies.


  • Business profiles linked to technology
  • Immersed in the digital and enterprising ecosystem
Product Owner

Responsible for ensuring that the team brings value to the business. The Product Owner represents both internal and external parts of the project and therefore has to understand both parties to reach the most optimal decisions. All in a Scrum environment.


  • Scrum Expert
  • Strategic vision
  • Communication between teams


Graphic Designer

A Graphic Designer is a creative and decisive individual responsible for the development of all kinds of graphic proposals.


  • Excellent command of Adobe Creative Cloud suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign)
  • Highly skilled in the use of typography and colours
  • Attention to detail
Art Director

Uses creativity to capture a message (briefing) at the visual level. Works together with the copywriter so that both the visual and written message reaches its target.


  • Versatility
  • Aesthetic taste
  • Conceptualization and creative thinking
  • Communication skills
UX Director

UX Design’s (User Experience Design) objective is to improve the user experience with a product. Its role is to establish navigations and the assignment of elements to achieve the greatest satisfaction and conversion.


  • Empathy
  • Team management
  • Strategic vision